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http://www.battlestar-galactica.net is up for adoption with the whole content. If you wish to adopt this site, fill in an application form here and send us examples of your work/websites. Thank you.

I’m closing this site down in a few days. If there’s anything here you want, download it right now.

If you’re looking for alternative BSG screencaps, I recommend http://frak-that.com banshee has uploaded her Bluray caps from all the seasons.

I changed into a fabulous new theme both here on the main and in the gallery. The new theme was made by Cherry Wine and is mobile friendly.

We’re now hosted by flaunt.nu and the move is complete. Everything should be up and working but if you see any errors please let me know so I can fix them!

I’m this close to crying. My host http://www.fan-sites.org is shutting down its hosting service. Starting next Monday August 10, 2015 sites won’t be publicly available anymore. Private access to website owners is available until September 10, 2015 for backup and transfering purposes.

I suppose all good things come to an end, but still – I feel like crying. Another hosting disaster.

I’ll obviously transfer my most important sites to another host ASAP (jeri-ryan.net, oded-fehr.net, crystalfires.net) first and then figure out what I do about the rest.

Several of my sites’ domain names are owned by fan-sites.org and those domains I will lose (only the domain name, not the content). So either I shut down those sites or buy new domain names for them or open them in a subdomain of this domain. We’ll see. These are those sites:



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